About Our Process

What does it take to make MVLA?


It’s all about details. From our fish-scale French terry to our spring and summer fleece, we don’t just design clothing. We field test everything, living in each new designs for a few weeks before deciding whether it can keep up with your confidence. If we wouldn’t wear it day in and day out, why would we expect you to?


(We test out all the other guys’ sweats too, just to be sure.)


Each MVLA piece is designed and developed in-house, with custom-made fabric that’s spun from thread right here in downtown Los Angeles. The design and manufacturing process can mean months of tweaking and testing samples.


Sometimes, it means carrying heavy rolls of fabric around town and up and down elevators. It means visiting every factory floor and talking to people on the production line. We’d rather be involved in every step of the process than leave quality to chance.


Our manufacturing partners in Los Angeles aren’t just vendors we write checks to. We share meals and stories about family and friends. Each person who touches MVLA sweats along the way has a story as much as we do, and we consider them family.


By the time you slip into the Enzo Pant or the Nautical Pullover, you know it can withstand whatever you can withstand. Trends come and go, but we believe that style goes beyond trend. It’s time to get comfortable with the freedom to choose your next adventure instead of letting it choose you. Who wants to play it safe all the time?


Get dressed. It’s time for today’s victory.