MyVice LA: Enhancing What It Takes to Be a True Winner

MyVice LA: Enhancing What It Takes to Be a True Winner


The 2017 NBA Finals were hotter than ever this year.


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors fought back and forth on the court. -- for a historic third year in a row. After a grueling 4-1 showcase, the Golden State Warriors took the title back home to California.


The series may be over, but the winning doesn’t end there.


Off the court, basketball superstars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have embodied the winning spirit with their clothing options.


The common factor? Not only are both physical representations of the true spirit of a champion, but both of the athletes enhanced that spirit with pieces from the MyVice LA collection.



Draymond Grant is spotted wearing MVLA’s Herringbone Kimono Trench -Credit Vick Michel


What is it about MVLA that defines what it means to be a true winner?


The answer is simple: the fact that its clothing brings out the best possible version of you.


At MyVice, we’re hooked on the high that comes with being the best you can be. Although these two men were competing against each other, their confidence and comfort off the court brings them to a winning commonplace of style, art and athleticism -- all in one.


A certain grace comes with a man who takes pride in what he’s wearing. Looking like a champion is only half of it; to truly embrace winning, you have to feel like one, too.


Kevin Durant, wearing MVLA sweatpants at an appearance -Credit Instagram


To make comfort meet style, MVLA pieces are made from the highest quality cotton found in the United States. By sourcing these components right here, right now, we’re in complete control of how our collection pieces are made and how they feel when worn


If any of our garments don’t meet proposed quality checks, they don’t go up for sale. Point blank.


We know you’re a winner; we’re here to help you feel like one, too.


MVLA collection pieces come in a wide variety of styles and colors. If you’re ready to embrace what it means to be look and feel like a champion, check out our product page here.