5 Summer Styles That Rock With MVLA Sweatpants

5 Summer Styles That Rock With MVLA Sweatpants

Summer brings the heat in more ways than one. In addition to outside temperatures soaring, the season also brings some of the hottest styles to the streets.

With the growing trend of athleisure, you may be wondering how you can style your favorite athletic pieces year round -- especially sweatpants.

While your instinct may be to ditch your MyVice Los Angeles sweatpants until the outdoors cool off again, that doesn’t have to be the case.

MVLA spring/summer sweatpants (and shorts) are handcrafted to adapt to the hot summer season without compromising your comfort -- or style!

The spring and summer collection features thin, knitted French terry fabric to make each piece airy and breathable.

That being said, you don’t have to leave the sweatpants at home just because it’s hot outside.

Here are our top five tips on styling your MVLA sweatpants this summer:

1. Style with Slides…

Slides are a major trend in both male and female fashion right now. What better time than summertime to try them out?

Pairing sweats with slides is a perfect way to keep your casual outfit on point while you’re out running to errands or meeting up with a friend for lunch.

2. …or Opt for White Sneakers

If slides are a little too casual for where you’re going (think: a night on the town) then you have the option to dress your sweatpants up a bit.

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Opting for a pair of white sneakers instead of slides can be a great way to add a pulled-together feature to a relaxed summer outfit.

Plus, fresh white kicks are always in style!

3. Wear a Bright Colored Shirt

Opting to wear dark sweatpants during summer is a bold move.

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If you don’t want to opt for an all-black outfit, though, consider throwing an on-season top to complement your look.

Incorporating a bright colored shirt can help keep your outfit on par with the summer season’s latest trends. And, if you’re feeling tropical, go for a tee with floral prints.

4. Accessorize

As with every outfit, accessories are the perfect way to pull an entire look together.

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Consider pairing your sweats with summer appropriate accessories such as sunglasses, a dad hat, or a woven bracelet.

Don’t forget that less can be more when it comes to accessories. Just a few pieces are necessary to bring your overall look to life!

5. Style With a Light Bomber or Windbreaker

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If you’ll be sitting in an office all day, consider ditching trousers and a blazer for sweats and a bomber jacket.

The two, when styled correctly, can bring elegance to a naturally casual outfit.

Summer days are long, and summer styles reflect that. Go for a bit of a more casual (but still clean cut) look by pairing your favorite MVLA sweatpants with a chic bomber jacket.


Overall, summer outfits and looks are relaxed.

Pairing your MVLA sweatpants with cool slides, white sneakers, bright colors and more can help keep your sweatpants as a go-to outfit staple year round.